Andrew C

I would like to thank you for the great service you have provided in helping/fixing my back problems.


Before coming to see you I had a number of years of deteriorating lower back pain which was getting to the point I couldn't even put a pair of socks on without sitting down and sleeping was becoming very uncomfortable.


With your system of being able to measure and pinpoint the problem areas in the back and neck, Amy has been able to bring back pain free days to my life.


Treatment has not only improved my working ability but also I have been able to train and improve my cycling. So much so that last july I knocked 30 min off my time in La Marmotte (one of the toughest cycling sportives in the French Alps)


Kathleen H

It all started years ago with lumbago and sciatica back pain which has taken its toll on me, but read on:


A. Now I can shop again normally. I used to be able to spend 8 hours in IKEA before I was old and broken.

B. From thinking I was old and useless, ready for retirement I am feeling at least 10 years younger and fitter.

C. I can bend down and pick things up from the floor. Before I used to shuffle it around before even attempting to pick it up and when my back was really bad leave it on the floor until someone else picked it up for me.

D. Simple day to day tasks which I had taken for granted were slowly being taken away as I became incapable of doing them, like hoovering the carpets. Someone else had to do this for me as I would really suffer in pain if I did it.


Why I now feel 10 years younger:-

1. I was in pain and increasing the strength of pain killers from the doctor and thought it would just disappear but after months and months of recurring back pain I asked the doctor to send me for treatment as it was getting worse to the point I was thinking of retiring. The doctor sent me for physio at the hospital and treatment was given which was horrific, it made me feel sick and the next day the pain was a lot, lot worse and I could not even stand up - I was in bed for 3 days. It was obviously not the right treatment.


I made an appointment with Amy the Osteopath and was very nervous after the physio but at this point it was my last resort after I felt the doctor had given up on me.


My first visit to the osteopath was very professional and I am sure they sensed I was nervous (my worst fears were that they may not be able to do anything and that for the rest of my life have to live on painkillers), they could see from the examination what the problem was and would talk to me more on the next visit.


On my second visit I was told it was serious but it was treatable. I was so relieved knowing that something could be done to stop the pain and that I may even be normal again.

My treatment was strange as it was gentle and it did not hurt at all. I could really feel the difference after each treatment and the following week the pain had gone. I felt taller and straighter. Everything felt like it was flowing - a very nice feeling of relief as though my body was telling me it was about time I had sorted it out. I liked my job and could not afford to retire. All my friends knew how bad I was and said it was my body telling me to pack up work.


I was told the treatment would take some weeks, and even though the pain had gone in the first few weeks there were parts of my back that needed work, which may cause problems in the future. I knew

this to be true as she told me about the lumbar part of my back which I had trouble with years ago and forgotten about but obviously had left scars. Everything made sense to me when she explained about different parts of my back that had caused me trouble years before.


When I told Amy that I wanted to retire because of the pain she said not to make any decisions yet - I am so glad I listened as I love my job and did not want to leave.


3. My life has certainly changed for the better. Besides feeling 10 years younger, I have much more confidence now and don't hesitate to pick things up off the floor or bending down to get things out of the cupboard as I know it won't hurt. I can put tights on and socks without going into all funny positions to get them on because I can bend now where I could not before. I don't panic if I get on a bus and have to stand, I can walk up and down stairs normally now not just one at a time. Every day I keep finding things I can do more easily that I could not do before which we all take for granted. I really began to think that at 63 years old that this is what life is like, painful and helpless relying on others to help you, if you dropped anything on the floor they would pick it up for you. I even went to the Ideal Home Exhibition for most of the day without feeling any pain and felt fine the next day.


I know a few young people who have trouble with their backs and I told them that if they do see an osteopath they will help them and prevent them getting the pain back sometime in the future if it is corrected now.


I have also realised I have not taken any pain killing tablets for some time now which proves my body is acting normally again.


I am so grateful to the osteopath for mending my broken body and turning it into a working vessel again.

Diana T


I came to Amy with neck pain, but she also identified a low back problem. I thought the numbness down my right leg was due to an epidural-gone-wrong during a surgery I had 20 years ago.

After 20 years of being unable to spread my toes, no sensation in my foot and pain down the side of my leg, I have movement and feeling back! I was resigned to having it for the rest of my life and am now so glad it has gone. Plus my neck pain and headaches have gone completely, and I don't have to move my whole body round when I'm reversing in the car any more as my neck is moving better than it has in a long time!