Amy Hope M.Ost DO ND 
Clinic Owner

I have a broad experience base, gained from working in busy general osteopathic practice and in the Royal Free Hospital’s Pain Clinic.  I have also treated professional dancers and worked with a premiership rugby team, so I understand how to help regardless of where you are on the health spectrum, from getting you back on your feet to performing at your optimum! As a trained ballet dancer I understand the vital importance of being free from musculoskeletal complaints, the hindrance that aches and pains can cause and the consequences of ignoring or living with a problem rather than seeking professional help.

One of the core philosophies of osteopathy is that the body has an inherent ability to heal, and the key to health is in removing the barriers to self healing. This is why I have adopted a holistic approach, to listen to and look at each person as an individual; their lifestyle, their general health, their posture and their bad habits to really help address the underlying, root cause of the problem. I believe that learning about what is wrong is an important step to getting better, which is why I aim to educate every patient about their bodies and how best to access and maintain health.


Particular areas of experience:


Classical osteopathy

Treatment of dance injures

Medical acupuncture

**Please note** The clinic is no longer open full time. Amy still works on Thursdays at the same location but there is often a waiting list for appointments. Do contact us in case of cancellations but we cannot offer the same availability as before.


Andrew Maddick Bsc Ost Med, DPO, MA


Andrew still works occasionally at HOPE osteopathy, please email us to arrange an appointment but please be aware availability is very limited

I am an osteopath and have been practising for more than a decade. I have worked in general family practice, in specialist paediatric clinics, and in hospitals. I have a special interest in paediatrics, treating pregnancy related problems and new mothers, but I also have experience with sports injuries, back pain, headaches, and non-musculoskeletal complaints.


I am also interested in teaching and research, I teach for a number of osteopathic institutions, I have lectured across Europe, and I publish in peer-review journals,

I use a broad spectrum of osteopathic techniques including cranial osteopathy. I aim to get people back to full, pain free function as soon as possible. For more information see 'Mum & Baby Clinic