Orthotics consultation/ fitting £25 (no consultation fee for existing patients)


Orthotics £70 for one pair, £130 for two pairs

Lets have a look at some of the common conditions that can be caused by poor foot alignment:
- Bunions

- Pain in the ball of the foot / metatarsalgia

- Plantar Fasciitis I Heel spur- Sever’s Disease (children’s heel pain)

- Achilles Tendonitis / Heel pain / ‘Pump Bump’

- Shin splints (pain at the front / side of shins)

- Knee pain in adults and children

- Hip pain

- Low back pain and sciatica.


Now if we have a look at a skeleton that needs orthotics before and after using orthotics:












Its clear to see that if the body on the left goes on running / jumping / dancing that it won’t be long before one (or all!) of the joints forced out of their normal position become sore or stiff.

“Why see an osteopath for a problem coming from the feet? Shouldn’t I see a podiatrist?”

Well there’s two things about us here
at HOPE osteopathy:

1 We look at the whole body. Whereas podiatrists only look at the feet. We know that a dropped arch on one foot only may be due to the foot accommodating what looks like a longer leg… Which might be due to a hip problem. It can be complicated but osteopaths are trained to detect where the root cause of the problem is coming from, and what the knock on effects of an orthotic would be. If an orthotic were to be placed under a dropped arch as described in this case, it could make one problem better, but possibly hips / knees / low back much worse.

2 We would much rather nature heal the body. We believe orthotics should only be used when the foot position is the root cause of the problem, and without orthotics, the pain would keep coming back on it’s own in time.

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