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At HOPE osteopathy, we understand that every body is different. The individual and the whole body will always be considered. We'll find the root cause of the problem and educate you on the predisposing issues.

Most of the patients we treat are looking for freedom from discomfort caused by long working hours and want to go back to doing the things that bring them joy again.


There is HOPE.

Most of our patients not only regain former levels of function, but surpass to move more freely than they did before.

We treat the following issues with osteopathy:
Upper Back - Neck - Shoulder - Low Back - Knee - Hip Pain - Headaches

Sports injuries - Immobility - Spinal Discs - Anxiety Related Pain

Pregnancy Related Pain - Bruxism

Additional services (contact directly for information):

Ergonomic Assessment & Recommendation - Acupuncture - Orthotics - Baby Osteopathy - Naturopathy

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OSTEOPATHY consultation
£75 - Up to 1 hr

During the first appointment we need to answer important questions:

  • What's wrong?

  • What's the root cause of the problem?

  • Can osteopathy help?


We answer these by taking a thorough case history (current and past injuries and medical issues) and performing a physical examination.


If we can help we will tell you and begin treatment at the first appointment. If not, we'll refer you on free of charge.  

OSTEOPATHY treatment
£60 - Up to 30 mins

All patients must have already attended a HOPE consultation and received a treatment plan.

  • Osteopathy treatment is non-invasive.

  • Techniques include pressure on muscles, moving joints and stretching.

  • You can wear comfortable clothes for treatment 

Treatments will progress along the treatment plan discussed at the first treatment, and will be reviewed at each treatment.


Please note there is a 24 hour cancellation policy.


Payment can be made using cash or card.

£90 - one hour
£60 - 30 mins

Choose from swedish, sports, lymphatic or deep tissue massage. If not specified, the most appropriate technique will be used to treat the issue.


Massage does not require an initial consultation 

OFFICE ergonomics
£40 - online consultation

Stuck at home working at a laptop? This session will help you set up your workplace so it is not putting your body at risk, and show you stretches to help your posture and relieve pain & discomfort.


HOPE osteopathy

Light Centre Monument 

36 St Mary at Hill 

The clinic has been closed due to Maternity leave but is reopening in 2024!

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